Coffee Panna Cotta

Do you have a favourite dessert? Mine are cranberry mousse and panna cotta. The latter is quite strange, as I am not so keen on the jelly consistency in general. I do not have any particularly warm childhood memories related to panna cotta (in contrast, my love to cranberry mousse is based mostly on the memories). I am sure for the first time I have tried panna cotta being adult, I guess it happened no more than five years ago. The funny thing is: I do not remember when and under which circumstances it could have happened. I may have been in an Italian restaurant in St Petersburg and I was attracted by the name. Or I decided to give it a try in a cinema bar waiting for a movie (once I tried there cassata – it was horrible). It may have been the love from the first spoon or I could simply have hated it. I guess the latter is more probable as Italian food in St Petersburg is quite dreadful.

It may have been that I even cooked it myself – as I remember finding a coffee panna cotta recipe in a food magazine. It attracted me as very easy – I was not a great cook at that moment. So to secure myself from failure, I went to my granny to execute it. Quite funny, I got no clear idea of how “success” should look and taste like, and you can imagine my granny knew even less. At this time I did not speak Italian to understand, that “panna cotta” means “cooked cream”. With so much uncertainty around, the final result was actually good. “Just too much of a coffee flavour” said my granny. As a coffee-addict, I couldn’t imagine a better dessert

Coffee Panna Cotta

Coffee Panna Cotta Coffee Panna Cotta with rich and bitter chocolate ganache is an ideal treat for every coffee-addict


For: 6 people
10 min
5 min
Ready in:
3 h 15 min


  1. If you use leaf gelatin, soak it in very cold water. Don’t use a lot of water, it should be just enough to cover the sheets.
  2. Pour the cream in a pot, add vanilla and sugar. Place the pot on a medium heat, and mix constantly until the sugar completely dissolves.
  3. Take gelatine, press out extra liquid and add gelatin to cream. If using gelatine powder, sprinkle it over the cream. Regardless of which kind of gelatin you uses, it should dissolve - so mix the cream thoroughly. It is extremely important not to allow the mixture to boil! After add coffee. After add gelatin, mix till it melts (do not boil!)
  4. Take away from the heat and add coffee. Mix again, and split the mixture among 6 cups. Put panna cotta in the fridge for at least three hours
  5. Right before serving panna cotta prepare the sauce: melt chocolate with espresso on a water bath. Pour the mixture on your panna cotta and serve.


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